About us

Your satisfaction is our mission

A thriving business was born in 2017 in Fribourg (Switzerland) through a brotherly collaboration. An outstanding duo driven by strong values based on communication, determination and innovation. Young and motivated, these two entrepreneurs are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. Their contagious energy and team spirit inspire the group to give their all. Together, they have turned their vision into reality and made our company what it is today.

Lori Vasco

Alexandre Vasco

Bringing together their skills and know-how, Fricode became a company that specialises in two distinct but complementary fields.

Print Solutions

As a Amplify/Gold Partner of HP Schweiz GmbH for the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Fricode is one of the largest suppliers of printers and multifunction printers in French-speaking Switzerland. Fricode has a full range of products, offering high quality, local after-sales services that can meet your needs at any time. We prioritise ethical and ecological respect in all of our relationships. Take advantage of our know-how to obtain optimal, uniform and economical solutions.

Digital solutions

Operating in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Fricode is a highly-professional partner who works to make managing and carrying out your requests related to developing a solution adapted to your needs as easy as possible. Whether it's a website, e-commerce, custom software, a mobile app or a corporate identity, companies and freelancers can count on our dedicated team. Every collaboration counts! All our projects are based on one essential value: trust. All our clients are treated in the same way: with passion and know-how. For Fricode, listening is a key element for any successful project.